Modelling Enquires

I am a plus size model always looking for content share and paid shoots with professional reliable actors ,

if you wish to contact me about working together could you please remember to include the following information...

1. Do you want to do a shared content or a paid shoot?

2. If we shoot shared content are you prepared to contribute to the cost of venue (hotel or studio),

for the length of time that we are shooting?

3. Have you already worked with any adult actors, or have a website containing your material.

Please provide links and names of people to contact, for me to obtain a reference.

4. Are you registered on any adult industry casting/modelling websites. (please provide a link).

5. Are you prepared to film showing your face?

6. Are you able to provide a photo I.D. on the day of the shoot/sign a model release form

authorising publication of the material?

7. Can you show 3 months plus concurrent historical paper certificates

(stamped verified to show that the clinic has seen your I.D.)?

8. Please provide a photo of yourself, (including genitalia).

Please send me an email, by clicking on my Modelling Enquiry link,

and I will get back to you.

I look forward to hearing from you 

Sammy xx

Modelling Enquiry Email